Good reasons to join ver.di (englisch)


Without trade unions, today’s world would be a very different place. Many of the working and living conditions that we take for granted are the fruit of hard work by the unions – which is why it is important for us to protect and expand them. To be able to do so, we need a solid foundation of membership – and that’s where you come in!

Good levels of pay – guaranteed for members
ver.di members employed in companies subject to collective agreements enjoy the protection offered by such agreements. And they receive support when they have to enforce their rights. Non-members can only hope that their employer will grant collectively agreed payments – they do not have any legal claim to them. In addition to wages, collective agreements also regulate working times, vacation entitlements, vacation bonuses and many other matters.

Expert legal advice
An important service offered by ver.di is the provi- sion of legal advice. Whether labour or social law is involved, competent advisors are available to help members. And if a legal dispute arises, specialists are available to offer not only advice but also comprehensive, free-of-charge legal protection. Only for members, of course.

Strike pay during industrial disputes
Sometimes collective bargaining grinds to a halt or employers try to force through their own interests, and industrial action becomes unavoidable. As employers do not continue to pay wages during strikes or lockouts, ver.di intervenes to help its members, providing strike pay to help them avoid financial hardship.

Upholding workplace rights
ver.di acts to ensure basic workplace rights, codetermination, equality and recognition. It supports and advises youth representatives, works councillors and staff council members with the aim of ensuring effective representation of employees’ interests and providing every member with support in disputes with his or her employer.

Effectively representing your interests
ver.di works with collective bargaining committees and trade union and employee representatives to uphold the interests of company employees and solve any work-related problems. We also work at international level to improve working conditions. And ver.di is a democratic organisation: everyone is invited to become actively involved in determining the union’s policies.

Exerting influence
ver.di is a tireless advocate of the right to work, acceptable workplace and training conditions, fair rates of pay, equal pay for equal work, an acceptable minimum wage, a good work/life balance, adequate pensions, a health policy based on the principle of solidarity, and much more.

One trade union for all
Unity is strength! We consolidate the interests of our members – and by working together we empower the individual! We create unity out of diversity. Unlike professional associations, we bring together people from quite different occupations within one industry. We set solidarity against group self-interest, and everyone pulls in the same direction.

Better trained, better informed
ver.di members are better informed than other people – thanks to a wide range of training and qualification options that are available either free-of-charge or at reduced cost. Our members’ magazine ”PUBLIK” provides regular updates on the latest developments in social, economic, political and cultural affairs. Added to this, various newsletters and information sheets report on the latest sectoral or professional developments.

Special arrangements and discounts
We have arranged discounts with a large number of companies on goods, entrance tickets, attractive travel and holiday offers and approved insurance and financial offers – all at advantageous prices.

Fair subscriptions for all
Those who have more, pay more – those with little money pay little. Our members subscribe one percent of their basic gross income to support the union and enable it to operate effectively. And those who are not working pay a reduced subscription.

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Advice and support
Join us – it’s worth it! ver.di offers its members a huge range of different services:

  • Advice and legal representation on questions or problems related to labour or social legislation
  • Free income tax advice provided by volunteers
  • Free initial telephone advice on tenancy matters
  • nformation and advice on all aspects of pensions
  • € 25 per day hospital allowance following leisure-time accidents (minimum 48-hour hospitalization)
  • Support from GUV-FAKULTA in the case of work-related injuries (only €24 annual subscription)
  • Information and advice for the individual self-employed
  • Information and advice for the unemployed
  • Free International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for trainees and university/school students
  • And so much more...