verdi members in current discussion about pre- agreement with …

    verdi members in current discussion about pre- agreement with Ryanair- company still refuses to install a works council


    The Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) just signed a pre-agreement of a collective labour agreement respecting German labour law. The agreement contains a framework of a social plan which includes all former employees of the station of Bremen. All cabin crew working in Germany are subject to the pre- agreement, including all agency workers.

    Currently, both the pre- agreement of the collective labour agreement and the framework of a social plan are being discussed amongst the members of ver.di.  

    Thus, a final decision will not be made before the ballot has been carried out, which will take place on Tuesday, 13th of November.

    After negotiating for the period of almost one year, ver.di considers these agreements as a step towards better working conditions and remuneration. For the first time ever, compensations when being transfered to other bases, redundancy payments when being dismissed and reemployment entitlements when re-opening a base takes place could be established.

    However, it is problematic to verdi, that Ryanair still refuses to establish a works council. This is why verdi calls for the German government to ensure new regulations for the whole civil aviation industry.

    With respect to the content of the agreements, verdi will bei going public after the members ballot on the 13th of November.



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